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iPad 2023 (10th Generation) Specs, Price And Reviews

The iPad 10 adopts new guidelines that stick with the rest of Apple’s tablets: straighten edges and thinner borders. Ultimately, customers can choose between four different colors: silver, blue, pink and yellow. The format is relatively light (count less than 50 g on the scale) and, therefore, mobile by nature, which fits perfectly with Cupertino’s value proposition for this iPad 10.

A notable change should be noted on the orientation side: the camera is now installed on the widest side of the screen.

So you can make FaceTime calls as if nothing had happened, replacing your MacBook immediately. Moreover, know that the buttons are also installed on the edge and that Apple has chosen aluminum for the hull. You will, therefore, need silicone protection in the event of an impact; we’re not on a titanium Apple Watch Ultra . Here are the exact dimensions of the iPad (2022): 248.6mm x 179.5mm x 7mm. Yes, it’s thinner than an iPhone 14 Pro Max!

Our Opinion On The Design Of The iPad 10 : Finally, an improved appearance after more than ten years of excellent and loyal service for the iPad range!

Tenth-Generation iPad Screen

The iPad 10 offers a 10.9-inch display, more than previously. Unfortunately, there is no laminated screen here, so reflections in the sun are more present than with an iPad Pro, which has one. It’s a real shame for a tablet costing almost 600 euros, but what do you expect? The interface is still pleasant to use daily, and the colors are bright when necessary; the dark mode also does the job well.VFinally, on the technical sheet side of the screen, note that the iPad 10 panel is also resistant to fingerprints. But it’s quite a gadget feature, you have to admit.

Our opinion on the iPad 10 screen: 8/10

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What Is The A14 Bionic Chip Worth?

The A 14 Bionic processor is a mobile chip designed by Apple. It is manufactured with an engraving precision of 6 nm and contains 11.8 billion transistors. It is compatible with L PD DR 4. The A 14 Bionic chip is the first to be compatible with 5G networks. This is the best mid-range tablet in terms of performance.

Our opinion on performance: 8/10

Wired Or Wireless Connectivity

The iPad 10 connects to the web via Wi-Fi or mobile data if you opt for the paid option, allowing you to insert a SIM card into the tablet. With this, you should know that the tenth-generation iPad is compatible with the first-generation Apple Pencil to draw like a pro wirelessly. The Apple Pencil is a fine-point stylus that increases precision when drawing or drawing. Writing to the iPad. It also has a force sensor that allows it to detect the pressure exerted on the tool, which allows it to produce more lines. Thick or thinner as you wish.

Our opinion on the network: flawless.

Photo Sensors

Front Photo Sensor:

  • Ultra-wide angle
  • Twelve megapixels
  • 122° field of view
  • Aperture f/2.4
  • Smart HDR 3
  • Accelerated mode
  • Automatic image stabilization
  • Burst mode
  • HD definition
  • Retina-Flash
  • FaceTime Centered Frame feature

Rear Photo Sensor:

  • Big angle
  • Twelve megapixels
  • Aperture f/1.8
  • Autofocus
  • Panoramic mode up to 63 megapixels
  • Optical stabilization
  • Video recording up to 4K at 60fps or 240fps full HD slow motion
  • Burst mode
  • Smart HDR 3
  • HEIF or JPEG photo format
  • 5x digital zoom

Our opinion on the photo with the iPad 10: we can do better.

Sound On iPad 10

The tenth-generation iPad has stereo speakers in landscape mode. Two microphones are also there to make calls or call Siri, with responsiveness without the slightest slowdown.

Our opinion on the sound of the iPad 10: a Bluetooth speaker will be welcome.

Software: iPadOS 16 On iPad 10

iPadOS 16 allows you to create custom widgets on the home screen, browse the Internet with a trackpad or mouse and enjoy new features in action with the Apple Pen eyelash. The possibility of using an external keyboard and floating windows is also possible, which is very practical for multitasking and office productivity. With this, the Stage Manager functionality offers a powerful app management system with nothing to envy on a macOS computer.

Apple has also included entertainment services. For us, this is also the primary purpose of an iPad 10 (otherwise, for work, turn instead to the iPad Air or iPad Pro). Among these platforms, we can notably cite Apple TV +. It is a video streaming platform that offers a catalog of original films and series produced by Apple. The users can access it through the Apple TV app on the tenth-generation iPad.

iPad 10 Price

Here are the prices for the tenth-generation iPad:

  • 589 euros with 64 GB of internal storage and Wi-Fi
  • 789 euros with 256 GB of internal storage and Wi-Fi
  • 789 euros with 64 GB of internal storage and Wi-Fi + mobile data
  • 989 euros with 256 GB of internal storage and Wi-Fi + mobile data

The Apple Pencil, for its part, costs 119 euros (first generation).

The Best iPad Since 2010?

It’s time to conclude with our opinion on the iPad 10. This new iPad is an excellent tablet, almost as qualitative as a fifth-generation iPad Air. The performance is stable, and the device is powerful enough to handle all daily tasks. IDI engines. The screen is also perfect, with a resolution suitable for streaming on Apple TV + or Netflix. The battery is also excellent, with a life that will last long enough for most of your needs at home or on the go. The only downsides are too high a price and perhaps too limited file transfer speed via the USB-C port. Indeed, do not expect to exceed 500 Mb per second here, which means that no improvement has occurred with the Lightning port’s abandonment.

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iPad 2023 (10th Generation) Specs, Price And Reviews

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